translucent zirconia

As a leading provider of dental ceramics, De Corematrix is proud to offer the latest innovation in dental implant materials: zirconium blocks. With superior strength and biocompatibility, our zirconium blocks provide better outcomes for dental implant procedures, making them the ideal choice for dental professionals.

translucent zirconia


Advantages of Zirconium Blocks in Dental Implant Procedures

Zirconium blocks have numerous advantages over other dental implant materials. Firstly, they are extremely strong and durable, which means they can withstand the daily wear and tear of the oral environment. This makes them an excellent choice for dental restorations that require long-term stability and durability.


In addition to their strength, zirconium blocks are also biocompatible, which means they are highly compatible with the human body. This reduces the risk of allergic reactions or other adverse effects, making them a safe and reliable choice for dental implants.

Another advantage of zirconium blocks is their natural aesthetic appearance. Zirconium has a translucent quality that closely resembles natural tooth enamel, which makes it an ideal material for dental restorations. Patients can enjoy beautiful and natural-looking results that blend seamlessly with their existing teeth.


Case Studies: Successful Dental Implant Procedures Using Zirconium Blocks

At De Corematrix, we believe in the power of zirconium blocks to improve dental implant outcomes. That’s why we’re thrilled to share some of our successful case studies with you.

One recent study involved a patient who had multiple missing teeth. The dentist used De Corematrix’s zirconium blocks to create a custom dental bridge, which was then secured using dental implants. The patient was delighted with the results, reporting improved chewing ability and a boost in confidence thanks to their new smile.

In another case, a patient required a full mouth reconstruction due to extensive tooth loss. The dentist used De Corematrix’s zirconium blocks to create a set of dentures that looked and felt just like natural teeth. The patient was thrilled with the results, reporting improved speech, chewing ability, and overall quality of life.


Conclusion: Incorporating De Corematrix’s Zirconium Blocks into Your Dental Practice

If you’re a dental professional looking for better outcomes in your business, look no further than De Corematrix’s zirconium blocks. With superior strength, biocompatibility, and aesthetic appeal, our zirconium blocks are the ideal choice for dental restorations that require long-term durability and natural-looking results.


To learn more about our zirconium blocks and how they can improve your dental practice, visit De Corematrix Dental Ceramics today. Our team of experts is here to answer any questions you may have and help you incorporate our innovative materials into your practice.


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