Complete Guide of Dental Zirconia Block


The dental zirconia block has been used to help provide superior solutions in many dental prostheses, such as posts, crowns, bridges, and veneers. It become increasingly popular for dentists, providing the most technologically advanced metal-free restorations.


Why is Dental Zirconia Block used in the dentistry industry?

The dental zirconia block is translucent, metal-free, 100% biocompatible, extremely durable, and bond well with your teeth. These reasons make the dental zirconia block most popular in the dental field. Even though the price is slightly high, most dentists and patients prefer this.

The dental zirconia block is made of a crystalline oxide form of zirconium dioxide, consisting of a metallic atom in the crystal but never considered a metal. Since it has properties of durable and biocompatible, surgeons or doctors use the dental zirconia block in various prostheses.

Even though numerous products are used in the dental industry, the dental zirconia block is the most popular among dentists and patients since it is manufactured using the state of the art technology, approved by national agencies, and undergone purities test to make sure that it is completely safe to use.

The dental zirconia block is a high-quality product that makes the tooth more durable and natural. Once the product is implanted inside the patients, they will have a good shelf life. The most important feature is that it can possess any natural color reappearance, and match any size and shape.

The other important benefits of the dental zirconia block are that they will reduce the pre-drying time and improve the visual impression during the dyeing time.

Here are some important points which will let you know how the dental zirconia block is used in the dental industry.

  • The selection of the right dental zirconia block is essential, as it will determine the strength and translucency of the zirconia dental crown and bridge.
  • The dental zirconia block will be fixed on the milling machine and then scanned using the CAM/CAD scanner.
  • The most important step of milling is setting the correct shrinkage co-efficient of the dental zirconia block. 

Once the sintering has been done, the product is completed, and you can insert this in the patient’s mouth for oral well-being.

The fine and uniform permeability and excellent aesthetic effects of zirconia anterior teeth have undoubtedly become the doctor’s best choice.

With super translucent, the full zirconium dioxide restoration of the simulated anterior teeth has become a reality, restoring the patient’s beautiful smile.


3D Multilayer Dental Zirconia Block, Wieland Syetem


Feature Of 3D Multilayer Dental Zirconia Block

The 3D multilayer dental zirconia block comes to pre-colored design benchmark on Ivocal vivadent bleach of BL1,BL2,BL3,BL4 shade not only Vita 16 shades.  restoration effect with 7 layers transferring from incisal to cervical make 3D blocks because the most popular product in dental zirconia blocks market. 

Characterization of dental zirconia blocks
  • Dental zirconia blocks are considered to be the most popular restorative dental materials as it has high mechanical properties.
  • These blocks consist of some unique properties such as phase transformation, high-strength, high fracture resistance, and mainly controlled by the manufacturing process.
  • The zirconia block’s unique feature is that it has the specification to work over metal framework and alumina.
  • In some cases, the metal framework has certain limitations as it comes with absent of translucent, so  appearance zirconia can be used in places where a aesthetic tooth needs to be produced.
    Zirconia blocks can solve the problem of the brittleness of alumina. Even it has minimized the potential failure of the implants. The framework used in the dental industry is made by grinding these zirconia blocks and followed by the fabrication process.
These are the characterization of the Zirconia blocks, and also, these blocks were introduced as they can solve the problem of the brittleness of alumina. Even it has minimized the potential failure of the implants. The framework used in the dental industry is made by grinding these zirconia blocks and followed by the fabrication process.
Types of Zirconia blocks used in the crown

1、Opaque Zirconia
Opaque zirconia is the toughest material compared to the high-translucent zirconia, and also, it can withstand the chewing force and bruxism force better.

Opaque zirconia blocks are mostly used for the root canal treated teeth, as they will help the other teeth by offering greater support. As it is opaque, it will be suitable for the posterior or back teeth.

High-translucent Zirconia
This high-translucent zirconia can be used as a superior tooth as it will match your natural color of the teeth. When compared to other dental blocks, this block has more strength but not more than opaque zirconia. In the case of orthodontic treatment or alignment of teeth, the dental zirconia block is not used.

2、Pros and Cons


  • Zirconia comes with superior looks, as it is naturally white. Also, it can adjust to any shade so that it will match your teeth.
  • Dental zirconia block is translucent, so it helps to mimics the translucency of your natural teeth.
  • Zirconia gives you confidence while smiling, as it doesn’t have any metal lining over the gums. Also, it doesn’t fuse with any metallic components.
  • This zirconia block comes 100% biocompatible so that it won’t react, and there will be no allergic reaction.
  • Compared to the other material, Zirconia is the strongest, so it will withstand any wear and tear. Also, it has high flexural strength, as it can tolerate the chewing and biting force.
  • Zirconia has high adherence to your teeth so that it will make a good bonding with your teeth.
  • Zirconia block will be the best option for those who don’t like metal, as Zirconia doesn’t contain any metallic components.



  • Some dental zirconia blocks will be opaque, so They won’t naturally match them with the teeth.
  • Also, if zirconia is used for the implants, then its hardness property may cause wear and tear on your nature teeth.
Cost of the dental zirconia block

Even other factors like the size of the tooth or crown also impact the cost of the zirconia. But compared to the other dental material, zirconia will be slightly expensive because of its unique properties.

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