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Oral health conditions, including dental caries, periodontal diseases, tooth loss, oral cancers, orofacial clefts, noma, and oro-dental trauma, are largely preventable and treatable when diagnosed early. As indicated by the report from 2022 WHO Global Oral Health Status[1], approximately 3.5 billion individuals globally are affected by oral diseases, with most living in middle-income countries. The report identified caries in permanent and primary teeth as noteworthy issues, affecting 2 billion people and 514 million children.

The prevalence of these diseases is rising due to increased urbanization, changes in living standards, insufficient fluoride exposure, high-sugar diets, and limited access to oral health care services such as those including dental zirconia material. The situation is further exacerbated by the aggressive marketing of sugar-laden food, beverages, tobacco and alcohol, which all contributes to oral health issues and other non-communicable diseases.


Solving These Issues with Advanced Dental Materials

Orthodontic professionals worldwide are pioneering innovative approaches to contemporary dental problems while emphasizing the strategic deployment of advanced dental materials, precisely the zirconia material. At the same time, conferences such as the AEEDC Dubai Orthodontic Conference 2023 have become an essential platform for these discussions, which attract leading dental practitioners and researchers eager to explore these emerging developments.

Within this forum, experts explore the potential solutions offered by materials like zirconia. They analyze their utility in various clinical scenarios and brainstorm ways to overcome existing challenges. Through such collaborative efforts, the orthodontic community aims to drive progress and set new standards of excellence, reinforcing their commitment to enhancing patient care.

AEEDC 2023

Introducing the Conference and the Zirconia Material Attention

Now in its 27th year, AEEDC Dubai is the world’s premier yearly scientific conference and exhibition dedicated to dentistry. AEEDC Dubai 2023[2] offers a vibrant global juncture where many international and regional experts, established professionals, rising stars, specialists, and academics converge. They come together to provide their unique perspectives and professional knowledge on the most current and critical dental and oral health issues.

Along similar lines, here we are pleased to inform you that renowned Orthodontics expert, Dr. Ravindra Nanda, delivered an insightful lecture on “Biomechanics, Materials, and Surgery” at the AEEDC International Orthodontic Conference 2023. With his extensive experience and deep knowledge in the field, Dr Nanda elucidated the complex interactions between biomechanics and material science in orthodontic treatment planning and how it influences surgical decisions.

Dental zirconia material has earned great interest in the global dental community, taking centre stage at the AEEDC Dubai 2023 conference. It stood out as a topic of extensive discussion and study among practitioners, educators, and researchers attending the event. The widespread application of zirconia in various dental procedures, including Immediate Implants with A Zirconia Neck Simultaneous with Tissue Augmentation with L-PRF in the Esthetic Area[3], and its emerging relevance in cutting-edge dental technology underscored its significance at the conference.


Why Dental Zirconia Material Has a Promising Future

In this part, let’s answer why dental zirconia material has a promising future by giving an overview of zirconia’s features and advantages in the orthodontic field.


Concluding the Trends of Zirconia Applications

According to a report[4], it’s evident that the use of zirconia material in dental implant rehabilitation is a growing area of clinical research, with the number of published studies having increased by approximately 180% over the last five years. Despite variations in methodology and technical approaches across these studies, zirconia implants demonstrated promising survival rates ranging from 87% to 100% over one and 7.8 years. Specifically, one-piece zirconia implants showed lower marginal bone loss and higher survival rates than their two-piece counterparts.

The most common complication was the failure of implant osseointegration, primarily within the first six months. Interestingly, the micro-geometry of the implant threads, mainly more retentive surfaces, appears to considerably improve the survival rate, which indicates a potential direction for future technical improvements. Generally, the trends suggest an optimistic trajectory for zirconia implants, hinting at its essential role in the future of dental rehabilitation practices.

zirconia block

De Corematrix’s HT Series Zirconia Block

We highly recommend De Corematrix‘s HT series zirconia blocks. They feature an impressive bending strength of at least 1300MPa and a light transmittance of about 41%, ensuring high strength and exceptional transparency. Plus, they offer customizable thicknesses ranging from 10mm to 25mm and come in a VITA 16 colour palette for external and internal shades. Their compatibility with numerous systems like Wieland, Amann, Zirkon, and Sirona and the ability to create custom systems add to their versatility. Beyond the high-performance specifications, they also provide an excellent cost-performance ratio compared to competitors, rendering them a value-for-money choice for anyone seeking high-quality, durable zirconia blocks.




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