Zirconia Block For Different Dental prosthesis

As a specialized zirconia block manufacturer, De Corematrix is committed to provide durable and authentic zirconia blocks for different dental prostheses.

zirconia high translucent

De Corematrix®HT:Super transparency,high strength

This series of De Corematrix HT blocks are our best -selling items,which features high strength, high transparency and excellent anti-aging performance.

translucent zirconia

De Corematrix ®ST: Strong and stylish, enduring

This series of De Corematrix ST blocks are our basic grade fully qualified for making bridges with more than 3-units giving consideration to both high strength and super transparency.

multilayer zirconia

De Corematrix®ML:High strength, High penetration

De Corematrix multi-layer blocks have been developed to get transparency ( 46%) and strength (900 MPa) that combine strength and translucent with maximum degree. 

3d multilayer zirconia

De Corematrix®3D Pro:Authentic, smooth and easy to use

Based on bio-inspired technology, De Corematrix®3D Pro blocks have been developed with layers of gradient combined strength, transparency and shades to get 3D affect.


In many dental prosthesis, zirconia blocks has been used to help providing superior solutions, such as posts, crowns, bridges and veneers. It has become increasingly popular for dentists, as it provides the most technologically advanced metal-free restorations.


About Us

Founded in 2016,  De Corematrix Co.,Ltd has its production base located in Hukou town,jiujiang city,Jiangxi province,China. with word leading closed-loop quality concept “powder/zirconia material/dental application”and 29 years of zirconia material development and manufacture experience,we can produce zirconia blocks with excellent mechanical and modern aesthetic property to meet your personalized requirements. we believe that Decorematrix will be your interesting partner. “Esthetics Already Seeded In SIZE”, waiting for your visiting to Decorematrix.

Why Choose Us

De Corematrix, as an outstanding zirconia block manufacturer and dental ceramic expert, has extensive experience and trustworthy partnerships, focusing on providing durable and authentic zirconia blocks.

R & D Capabilities

29 years of experience in zirconia material development & production

Manufacturing capacity

Design & customized micro-structural of zirconia blocks

quality assurance

Planning quality with technological insight, ensuring quality with GMP regulation


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AEEDC Dubai World Orthodontic Conference 2023

AEEDC迪拜理所当然地赢得了全球最高荣誉,成为“世界上最大的年度科学会议牙科和展览会”,自27年前的回顾国际牙科会议和阿拉伯牙科展览会以来,AEEDC迪拜已被公认为灯塔为来自本国地区和全球各个角落的牙科专家、院士和行业专业人士提供知识和参考。自1996年成立以来,AEEDC迪拜中东发展,迪拜作为本国地区和国外领先的医疗保健目的地和重要科学中心的地位不断提升。 AEEDC迪拜过去2.8年的迷人历程始于谦虚卑微的开端,今天达到了成功的顶峰!牙科会议和进展”

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